Trial and Litigation

Fundamentally we are trial lawyers. Attorneys at Rafkin Esq. have tried numerous cases to juries, judges, arbitrators and administrative agencies at the state and federal level.

To be sure, many matters are resolved without the need for trial. However, critical to the effective handling of disputes is the ability of a client's lawyer to take a matter to trial when necessary. Further, the fairness of a resolution is often impacted by the ability of a client and the client's attorney to credibly communicate their willingness to take the matter through trial in order to achieve a fair result.

A man in suit and tie sitting on steps.
A close up of the front entrance to a court house.

Substantive Areas

  • Employee Mobility, Non-Compete & Trade Secret Matters
  • Harassment, Discrimination & Retaliation
  • Breach of Contract & Fiduciary Duty Issues
  • Equal Pay, Bonus, Commission and Other Compensation Matters
  • Executive Agreements, Compensation & Equity Matters